About us

Kerry and I live on 55 acre farm in northern Ontario.

Kerry is back working on the prerequisites to become a judge.  Years ago he stopped that journey to help a friend show his dogs.  Kerry hopes to accomplish his first permit this year and start judging hounds!

GCH Sporting Field Rocks At Shetara NS, Sly and Kerry earning Novice Sprinter title


I currently sit on the Conformation Council with the Canadian Kennel Club. This committee develops the rules for the conformation sport.  I also sit on the Junior Handling committee with the Canadian Kennel Club.  Junior handlers are the future of our sport.  We offer an opportunity at every show for them to compete and earn points.  Yearly we organize Provincial finals and National finals.  The winner of the National final goes on to compete at the World finals in England at Crufts.

I am also the president of one of the oldest Canadian Kennel Clubs in Canada!  The Nipissing Kennel Club is a dream come true for me.

Royal Canin Breeder Classic finalist