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We are excited to be offering a blog for all things Whippet!

We will be offering training tips right from house training to sporting events.

I plan to do a series featuring all the sports that you can do with your Whippet.  You and your Whippet can even earn titles!  There is a whole world of wonderful people that I hope to connect you with that will welcome you to come out and try a new sport.  How to find events and enter them with your dog.

I am so excited!

Shetara’s Fintan earned his straight racing championship.
Great job with their owners Marc and Nicole Radaro

Do More With Your Dog

Have you ever taught a dog to sit, fetch or shake a paw?

Well you can actually earn titles in trick training!

In order to earn a novice  title you need to choose 15 tricks from the novice list and submit a video to a certified instructor.  It can be one video with all the tricks, or several smaller videos each containing a few tricks. The tricks do not have to be in any particular order, nor do they have to be in one continuous stream.  There is no charge for the instructor to view your submission.  Once you register your title with Do More With Your Dog, the organization will charge $25.00 for the certificate and the ribbon.

Here is a link to the list of novice tricks.  Pick 15 and have fun and bond with your dog.

Here is a link for the Intermediate tricks.  If you do any of the tricks from the Advanced or Expert level that counts as 2 points for your novice title.

If your dog does a special trick you taught you can “write in” if it does not appear on the list.

There are two ways to get help if you need it.  You can directly contact an instructor for help in choosing and teaching tricks.  You can also use Google and search “Do More With Your Dog” a whole list of videos will appear or go directly to YouTube and search “Do More With Your Dog” then scroll down to view Fetch or any other video you like.

Here is the link to teach “fetch”

At this time with the pandemic puppies classes may not be available and yet we have time to play, teach and train our dogs. Teaching tricks is a fabulous way to bond with your pup and earn titles that are recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club.

Instructor to review your trick video!

Just send a video with your tricks to:


If you want to see your Whippet run!

GCH Sporting Field Rocks At Shetara, Sly and Sporting Field All That Glitters, Jazzy


Sprinter is a fun event open to all dogs to enjoy the challenge of running a 100-meter dash. All dogs entered will receive a handicap score based on their height, and their time to finish will be converted to kilometres per hour. Titles are awarded upon the dog accumulating a given number of points.

To learn the rules concerning the Sprinter Trials use this link…

Chase Ability

CKC is pleased to introduce the new Chase Ability Program to the CKC line of events, effective March 1, 2016.
This exciting event, developed after the ever-popular Lure Coursing, allows dogs to uncover their natural prey drive through chasing a lure – all while having lots of fun. The Chase Ability Program also provides purebreds and mixed-breeds with the opportunity to compete and earn multiple titles and certificates in a field event that all dogs are capable of performing.
Two types of courses will be available: one for dogs shorter than 12 inches at the withers or brachycephalic dogs and another course for the remainder of the dogs entered. The Chase Ability Program is a pass/fail event. How does a Dog earn a Pass? A dog must run alone, chasing the lure and complete the course with enthusiasm and without interruption.

If you would like to acquaint yourself with the rules please follow this link

Lure Coursing

A beginner’s guide lure coursing

This brief introduction to lure coursing and the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) is intended for people unfamiliar with the sport.  We hope it answers most of your questions and helps you and your sighthound enjoy lure coursing.  The ASFA website listed at the end of this can send you further information.

What is lure coursing?

Sighthound breeds (Whippets) have an overpowering instinct to chase.  Lure coursing presents an opportunity for them to chase a lure just for their own pleasure, and is meant to simulate the pursuit of prey in the open field.  Lure courses are usually between 500 and 1000 yards in length, but can be longer.  The course is designed by placing small pulleys around a field in  pattern meant to resemble the route prey might take when pursued by hounds.  Usually, a continuous loop of braided string is pulled around the pulleys by a wheel attached to a motor, and the lure itself is a piece of plastic.  An experienced lure operator can control the lure so as to simulate escaping game.  Since 1972, in this way, the American Sighthound Field Association has provided the joy of the chase to thousands of sighthounds!

Will my sighthound like lure coursing?

There are no guarantees.  But you can only find out by giving your hound a chance to chase the lure.  Sometimes youngsters my not show great interest at the first opportunity, but the next time something can click and they’re off!  Adult hounds sometimes could care less, but others respond immediately.  Some hounds just don’t care to chase a plastic lure, but would prefer to chase another hound.  Competitive lure coursing is not for them until they become more focused, but until then they can chase the lure by themselves in the Singles Stake.

How do I get started?

Contact me!  I will connect you with people in your area and help you find trials. Many clubs have practise for novice hounds after their trials.

What dogs are eligible?

The Whippet you get from Shetara is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and therefore eligible!  Spay or neutered sighthounds are eligible, but bitches in season or lame hounds are prohibited from running.  Also, any sighthound disqualified from running is not eligible.

How do I get my sighthound started?

First you must practice your hound to make certain it is interested in chasing the lure.  Once you’ve practiced your hound in this way and experienced observers have assured you that your hound is very keen, not just mildly interested your hound is ready for certification, provided it is at least eleven months old but we recommend 18 months old.  Studies have shown less injuries are sustained by dogs after 18 months old.  Also until a puppy is at least 12 months old all of their bones have not completely finished forming (closing growth plates).  Novice hounds must be certified by running on the lure with another sighthound of the same breed, or one with similar running style.  A licenced judge must observe this run.  Unless your hound already has another qualifying coursing title from the open field or elsewhere, an ASFA certification form must be signed by the judge and a copy must be submitted when you enter your hound in a trail for the first time.   In addition, a copy of your hound’s registration should be included with its first entry.

What is the best way to learn about lure coursing?

Observe a trial!  Watch for a while, and then look for someone to chat with about the sport.

Often the best way to learn is by observation.  Notice the way owners prepare their hounds.  Some walk their hounds extensively long before they run, so as to loosen muscles (and hopefully empty the hound’s bladder and bowel).  Some even trot with their hounds.  They should also have everything ready that they’ll need-the proper blanket colour,  a slip lead,  water and a wet down blanket if it’s a hot day.

You may notice that different breeds are prepared in different ways.  Afghan owners sometimes wrap the coat of their hounds.  Whippet and Greyhound owners sometimes tape the feet of their hounds to  protect toes.  But you must know what you’re doing.  Therefore look for experienced mentors who can help you learn.  You’ll find that lure coursing people are competitive but very helpful.

What is a trial like?

The trial begins with roll call.  The hounds get checked for lameness or any breed specific disqualifications.  A Whippet for example can be disqualified for failure to meet the standards of height and eye colour.  Also at roll call bitches are checked to make certain they are not in season.  You will get a refund if your hound doesn’t pass roll call.  You will not get a refund if you forfeit your entry or are late.  Never take a bitch in season to a lure coursing trial either to compete or even to walk anywhere near the grounds.

What is happening out on the field?

Observe that the hounds run only against their own breed, and they run in trios with different colour blankets.  Yellow always starts on the left, pink in the middle, and blue on the right.  The judges on field score each run of the course.  The hounds run a preliminary run and a second final run.

Judges score the hounds by Speed – 25 points, Agility – 25 points, Endurance – 20 points, Enthusiam – 15 points and Follow for 15 points.

To earn the title of Field Champion your Whippet needs to earn 100 points (including two first placements or one first placement and two seconds, against competition.  There are other titles that you can earn as well.

Is there anything I can do to train my sighthound to chase a lure?

There are different schools of thought.  Many experienced hands believe in just happens or it doesn’t.  Others believe that you can imprint chasing a lure on young puppies and they’ll grow up enjoying it.  In the latter case, at least, you have the pleasure of doing something with your puppy as it grows up.  Playing chase games and fetch are also wonderful ways to exercise young hounds and help them reach their physical potential, as well as to create a bond with you.

For more information please use this link….

For lure coursing rules with the Canadian Kennel Club use this link….

The Canadian Kennel Club also offers Chase Ability which is an excellent way to see if your Whippet is interested in coursing.  Use this link for more information…

Go to Dog Show a Canadian show and trail service and set up an account.  You can choose to receive emails that will inform you about any type of show or trial that you would like to consider entering.  Use this link…

The Entry Line is another dog show and trial service available in Canada.  Use this link…

The rules and regulations for lure coursing in Canada

As always please contact me and I can help you.